Why hire a professional luxury pool designer? How much is your time worth?


Your journey to create the backyard of your dreams begins with translating your vision into a buildable design. You’ll no doubt invest precious time and effort interviewing multiple builders, repeatedly describing your vision; and each will walk away with a different interpretation of your dream. Their designers will provide an artistic rendering, or perhaps a two-dimensional drawing, yet many designers do not have actual construction experience, which could result in costly change orders. This can be a trying experience for anyone. 

Your dream of a beautiful, functional outdoor living space shouldn’t be hampered by concerns of construction standards and technical specifications. Our design services begin with consideration of the architecture of your home, employing design principles and elements to make the most of colors, forms, unity and balance. You will be provided with a video presentation and detailed construction drawings ready for bid; specifying hydraulic requirements, operational equipment, electric and gas requirements, and material selections. The design is yours, and you are now able to request bids from builders of your choosing. 

Design Highlights